Sexual Behavior: Research and Practice SIG: Current Events

Summer 2016 marks the ninth consecutive year of the Sexual Behavior: Research and Practice SIG’s (formerly STEP SIG) involvement with the Association for Behavior Analysis, International. We are a group devoted to researching sexual behavior, as well as promoting empirically verified sex education and sex therapy practices, areas that have traditionally been underaddressed in behavior analysis. Members of the group include professionals, teachers, direct service providers, parents, and consumers who are concerned with issues of sex research, sex therapy, and sex education. We are holding several events at this year’s ABAI conference.

On Sunday, May 29th, we will hold our SIG Business Meeting in room Vevey 1 & 2, Swissotel from 6:00pm-6:50pm and all conference attendees that have an interest in sex research, sex education, and/or procedures used to change sexrelated behaviors are invited. Also on Sunday, May 29 we will be presenting the SIG’s Poster in the Riverside Exhibit Hall from 7:00pm-9:00pm.

On Tuesday, May 31st there will be a panel discussion entitled, “Risky Business Part Deux: Ethics and Applied Interventions in the Area of Sexuality and will include speakers Sorah Stein, Bobby Newman, and Rachel Loftin. We will also be holding a three-part symposium in which all symposia have excellent speakers discussing important topics!

From 2:00pm-2:50pm on Tuesday, May 31st, we will have a symposium entitled “Behavioral Treatment for Individuals with Concomitant Intellectual Disabilities and Problematic Sexual Behaviors” with talks entitled: “Evaluation of a Residential Treatment Program for Children with Intellectual Disabilities who Present Harmful Sexual Behaviour,” by Duncan Pritchard, Nicola Graham, Heather Penney, and F. Charles Mace; “Case Example of Support Fade for an Individual with Forensic Involvement for a Sexual Offense,” by Kimberly E. Church, Stephani Fauerbach, and Ashley Tomaka; and “Treatment Fade-Out for an Adult with Intellectual Disabilities and Problematic Sexual Behavior,” by Stephani Fauerbach, Kimberly E. Church, and Ashley Tomaka.

From 3:00pm-3:50pm on Tuesday, May 31st, we will have another symposium entitled, “Lessons Learned: Sex Research and the Science of Changing Sexual Behavior” with talks entitled: “Working in the Fields of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Socio-Sexual Behavior: Professional, Practical, Ethical, and Legal Issues Discussed,” by Frank Cicero; “The Naked Truth: Researching Sexual Behavior, Gender, and Romantic Relationships as a Behavior Analyst” by Fawna Stockwell.

Lastly, from 4:00pm-4:50pm on Tuesday, May 31st, we will have a symposium entitled, “What Behavior Analysis Can Teach You About Your Love Life” with talks entitled: “The Effects of an Individualized Treatment Package on Listening Behaviors of Adult Participants in Romantic Relationships,” by Nathaniel Lachica, Fawna Stockwell, and Scott Herbst; and “Dissecting Jealousy: Examining the Effects of Physical and Emotional Infidelity Scenarios on Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Nervous Behaviors, and Self-Reported Feelings of Jealousy,” by Allison Bihler, Fawna Stockwell, and Diana Walker. Please join us for any and all of these events!










This piece was originally published as a part of the Summer 2016 SBRP SIG Newsletter.

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