Thank you all so much for participating at this year’s annual conference. It was so meaningful to see so many of you invested in sexual behavior research and practice.

We so appreciated all of our symposia presenters and the quality they brought to their work and to the conference this year.

On Sunday, May 27th, we presented a symposium entitled “Cultural Contingencies and Perceptions of Sexual Behavior”.

It included “Boys Will Be Boys: A Behavioral Account of Rape Culture” by Janani Vaidya, and “The Effects of LGBTQ Variability Education on Self Reports and Tolerance Related Behaviors” by Yash Bhambhani, Karen Kate Kellum, Lainy Day, and Jamie Harker.

On Monday, May 28th, we presented a symposium entitled “Sexual Behavior Assessments and Sex Education”.

It included “The Importance of Sexuality Education for Children With and Without Intellectual Disabilities: What Parents Think” by Sorah Stein, “Relationship Satisfaction Among Adults With Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities: Effects of Sexual Eduction” by Allison Herbert and Fawna Stockwell, and “Using Functional Assessments to Promote Healthy Sexual Behavior” by Barbara Gross.

Also on Monday, May 28th, we presented a symposium entitled “Sexual Behavior Delay Discounting Tasks and What They Can Teach Us”  It included “Sexy Time: Now, Later…Maybe?” by Albert Malkin, Miriam Kim, Karl Gunnarsson, and Mark R. Dixon. We regretted that “ADHD Symptoms Predict Delay Discounting of Condom-Protected Sex and Money” by Meredith Steele Berry was not available as part of this symposium as originally intended, however we support this presenter in their choice to pull out of the conference.

We also thank everyone who attended our SIG business meeting, and are looking forward to implementing changes suggested in that meeting, including making our group forum via Facebook more accessible and interactive, fostering potential collaborations on presentations throughout the year, and collectively engaging in discussing relevant sexual behavior literature.

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