Thank you all so much for participating at this year’s annual conference in Chicago, IL. It was so wonderful to connect with so many folks invested in this work!

Thank you so much to all of our symposia presenters and panelists, and the quality they brought to their work and to the conference this year.

On Saturday, May 25th, members of SBRP SIG kicked off the conference at poster #143 at the annual ABAI Expo.


2019 sig 8

On Sunday, May 26th, we presented a symposium entitled “’Problematic’ in Sexual Behavior: Operational Definitions and Interventions” which included the following presentations: “Rule 34 and Client Rights: Definitions of “Problematic” and “Pornography”” by Barb Gross, “The Right to Be a Slut—Or Not: Tacting Desire and Building Correlating Skill Sets” by Worner Leland and Janani Vaidya, “The Evolution of Technology and the Treatment of Problematic Sexual Behavior in Real World Settings” by Stephani Fauerbach, Kimberly E. Church, and Ashley Tomaka, and “and “Managing Harmful Sexual Behavior: Keeping Everyone Safe” by Duncan Prichard, Heather Penney, and Veda Richards, with discussant Sorah Stein.

2019 sig 11

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On Monday, May 27th, we presented a symposium entitled “A Verbal Behavior and Relational Frame Theory Examination of Sexuality, Gender, Privilege, and Power” which included the following presentations: “Tacting Internal Experiences: Asexual and Aromantic Identities” by Janani Vaidya and Worner Leland, “When Your Lover Loves Another: Understanding Jealousy and Compersion” by Glenna S. Hunter and August Stockwell, and “Beyond Checking: A Behavioral Analysis of Privilege as a Manipulable Context” by Emily Kennison Sandoz, Karen Kate Kellum, and Evalyn Rachael Gould, with Discussant Worner Leland.

2019 sig 10

2019 sig 9

Also on Monday, we presented our panel “Risky Business Roundup: Ethics, Interventions, and Consultation in the Area of Sexuality” featuring Sorah Stein, Frank Cicero, and Nicholas Maio, and will be moderated by Janani Vaidya.

2019 sig 7

We also thank everyone who attended our SIG business meeting both in person and long-distance! We love connecting with you and are excited for what this year will bring.

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