Leadership Elections

Every summer, the SBRP SIG holds elections for leadership positions.

The leadership team currently consists of: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Research and Dissemination Liaison (a combination of the previous roles of Events and Resources Coordinator, and Website/Social Media Coordinator) Roles and Responsibilities are listed below.

If you are considering running for an office, please send:
Position Running For (one only)
Brief Bio/ Why You Want to Serve on the Leadership Team


Leadership Team Responsibilities:
1. Assemble and submit SBRP related panels and symposia to ABAI by October deadline
2. Submit the SIG Annial Report in March
3. Assemble and disseminate the annual newsletter
4. Maintain the website, FB page and group, and email account with up to date resources
5. Connect behavior analysts seeking consultation on sexual behavior research or practice with competent mentors in the field
6. Conduct the annual ABAI SIG business meeting, poster presentation, and any accepted symposia or panels
7. Carry out the mission and goals of the SIG as identified by SIG members at the annual business meeting
8. Hold annual officer elections


The President oversees the SIG, and makes sure that all SIG activities and practices align with SIG values and goals, as well as SIG bylaws. The President coordinates SIG activity along with the rest of the leadership team, including but not limited to regularly updating the website with SIG content and relevant resources, connecting those both within and outside of the field with BCBAs who can consult regarding sexual behavior, editing the annual newsletter, curating the SIG submissions to ABAI, conducting events and activities that align with SIG goals set at the annual meeting, running leadership team meetings, and running the annual meeting and expo poster at ABAI.

The Vice President assists the President with SIG duties, including coordinating leadership meetings, coordinating SIG meetings, soliciting submissions for the annual newsletter and ABAI, and ensuring that SIG operations align with the values and mission of the SIG and the goals set forth by the SIG at the annual meeting.

The Secretary takes minutes at all leadership meetings, as well as the annual meeting, and disseminates this information to SIG members. The Secretary collaborates with the rest of the leadership team to assist the SIG in meeting its goals.

The Research and Dissemination Liaison will cover the past tasks of the Event and Resource Coordinator and the Website Coordinator. The Research and Dissemination Liaison assists the President and Vice President in preparing submissions for ABAI and in the creation of the annual newsletter. In addition, the Research and Dissemination Liaison curates information for the resource page of the SIG website, keeps the website and social media updated in a timely manner, and creates and co-facilitates SIG events throughout the year.

Student Representatives will represent the needs of behavior analysis students and will take the lead on student engagement in the SIG. They will also collaborate with the rest of the SIG leadership team to facilitate SIG growth that is in line with the mission and values of the SIG.